Curse of Strahd – Amber Temple – Talespire Edition


Virtual Tabletop Journey, and all Demongund patrons present the iconic Curse of Strahd – Amber Temple recreated for use in TaleSpire! With only a few quick copy/pastes, your adventurers can begin their investigation of the ancient temple of secrets.

The book enhances the original Curse of Strahd module, which you will still need. If you are just starting your campaign, I also recommend getting a Guide to the Curse of Strahd campaign.

The book includes…

  • 36 revised room descriptions which accurately reflect rooms visible to players.
  • One entirely new windswept staircase.
  • Two 2D full-color reference maps.
  • Details about the challenges of converting 2D maps to 3D.
  • Slab assembly instructions and advice.

Gorgeous cover art from the one and only, Istallri Astra!


Slabs – Gengus, BlackWolf Majik, Elgo, Workshop Panda, Istallri and TONS more!

BrotherHanan – The giant wizard statue!

You can go watch him build it here and support his patreon here

CMDR_Phenex – Curse of Strahd Minis!

Phenex is on a mission to colorize all the models from MZ4250. I got the jump on things by joining their patreon early and being able to request models which, of course, were for the Amber Temple! Tokens are available via R2ModMan mini packs, here is the golem one.

How to get it!

If you enjoyed the map, please consider becoming a patron so I can continue to provide high quality maps for the community!

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