5e Adventure – Rescue at Berylfork Mine


A recent earthquake has caused untold damage to the Berylfork Mine… and desperate families need to know the fate of their loved ones! Adventurers are needed to find out what has happened… and to deal with creepy crawlers πŸ›πŸœravaging the land!

Rescue at Berylfork Mine is a 5th Edition Adventure for a level 5 party.

This adventure includes…

  • A 20 page story to challenge a group of four 5th level characters, with notes for increasing difficulty βš”
  • Details for 20 miner NPCs
  • A full color region map πŸ“œ
  • 2D reference maps to be used in conjunction with Talespire boards
  • Instructions for hide volumes and map transitions
  • Instant import creature blueprint link (one-click to have a token ready in Talespire!) πŸ“˜πŸ‘Ή

This adventure is currently FREE for Patrons!

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Download the Berylfork Mine map at Talestavern!

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